Independent Laboratories was founded on the principle that consumers need to be informed about the diamonds, colored gemstones, and jewelry they want to purchase. Today, those in the market for these precious stones are not limited in options as many were in the past. With new technologies, obtaining beautiful stones and jewelry became more widely available and affordable by offering consumers a variety to choose from.

The two main categories offered are Natural/Earth Mined and Lab-grown stones.
How do you choose between Natural and Laboratory Gems? They both have properties that make them attractive. Both are created from intense heat and pressure and have the same chemical structure. However, Lab-created diamonds have telltale marks within the stones due to the rapid manufacturing process. Thus distinguishing them from Natural stones and Look-a-Likes. These telltale marks that can be identified by experts.

A third category some stones fall into are “look-a-likes.” These stones are made to look like their real counterparts by simulating the appearance but having none of the properties. For example, green glass can be made to look like an emerald. However, many look-a-likes have none of the chemical, physical, or optical properties of their natural or lab-grown counterparts.

Another term you might hear in this industry is “synthetic,” but it doesn’t necessarily equate to “fake.” Synthetic is a term used to describe diamonds, gemstones and jewels that were manufactured in a laboratory or synthesized, and can have all the same chemical, optical, and physical propertied of their Earth mined counterparts.

Independent Laboratories uses special equipment paired with the expertise of our gemologists to test and screen each piece we receive to ensure all the stones match the certificate stating, “Natural,” “Lab Grown” or “Simulated.”

It is our commitment to our clients to provide complete detailed reports and appraisals to ensure they are making fully informed decisions when making a precious stone purchase.

Diamonds and gemstones are beautiful.  Each having special properties that set them apart from any other possession we own.

Our team at iLabs is devoted to serving you in making the best-informed decision with past, present and future purchases of precious stones.