About Independent Laboratories…

Independent Laboratories, was founded on the principle that consumers need to be informed about the Diamonds, Colored Gemstones and Jewelry they want to purchase.  As consumers have more choices today than in the past. There are “Natural” or “Earth Mined” Diamonds and Gemstones offered.  There are Lab Grown Diamonds and Gemstones too

How do you choose between Natural and Laboratory Gems?  They both have properties that make them attractive.  Natural Earth Mined Diamonds have Fire, Scintillation Internal characteristics, just like their Lab Grown counterparts. Which distinguishes them from Look-a-Likes.

Some stones can be made to “look like” others. Simulating the appearance but having none of the properties. Examples are Green Glass might look like an Emerald. So, the Look-a-Likes have none of the chemical, physical or optical properties of their natural or lab-grown counterparts.

Synthetic is a term we equate to or think of as fake. But in reality, synthetic mean make in a laboratory or synthesized. Such stones have all of the same chemical optical and physical properties of their mined counterparts.

Using specialized equipment to test stones and jewelry our staff of gemologists screen diamponds  to ensure the stones contained in the jewelry match the certificate when stating “Natural” or “Lab Grown”.or “Simmulated”.

It is our commitment to consumers of our reports and appraisals that the fullest of information be provided. Making your buying decision fully informed.

Diamonds and Gemstones are beautiful.  Each having special properties that set them apart from any other possession we own. We buy them to mark an occasion. Make a commitment of Love.

Out team at iLabs is always here to serve you in making the best informed decision.