Ruby is a symbol of love, traditionally. They are considered the stone of King of all gemstones. They have been the prized possession of Rulers throughout time. It is said they contain the essence of Mother Earth’s life giving blood. 

The depth of color is what gives Ruby it’s value.  The deeper the color the more valuable. Myanmar is the home of the legendary Burmese Rubies. Having the finest color, called Pigeon’s Blood. Deep rich red and transparent, allowing light to pass through. 

It is thought that ruby can bring the wearer peace with their enemies. Bringing the wearer health, wealth and wisdom when worn near the heart. It is thought that if one dreams of rubies success with come in the future. 

In India lore, according to Harita Smiti, if one worships Krishna with a large ruby, you will be reborn an emperor if a small ruby a king.  

Ruby has a long history adapted by many cultures over time. Which is why it is highly sought after in every corner of the globe.