Pearls are a symbol of Sincerity… for this reason Brides wear them on their wedding day.

Pearls have a long history, in ancient times they were very rare. To own even one was unusual. They were objects for Royalty. Only Kings and Queens could afford them. They were symbols of Power and Wealth. Then, in the 1950’s Miki Moto invented the process to grow them or “Culture” them. This process of culturing pearls made them affordable to most consumers.

Pearls come in many colors, shapes, and sizes. The color of a pearl is influenced by its shell. A pearl forms in a mollusk when an irritant enters its shell. The mollusk lays down layers of Calcium Carbonate to form the pearls. This result in the iridescent color we see.  The shape of the pearl is according to the shape of the irritant resulting in; Baroque, Round, Potatoe, and Freshwater. Size is from its host and region.

Pearls originate from various regions in the globe. The oldest source is the Arabian Peninsula, then Japan, China, USA, South Seas, and Tahiti. The different regions produce different properties in the pearls they supply. Resulting in prices based on their rarity.

Pearls are available to every pocketbook and in many styles. Some traditional and contemporary. They make a good addition to any jewelry collection.