The birthstone for October gives two  beautifully bright and colorful gemstone choices:  Tourmaline and Opal.


The name is derived from the Sinhalese which means mixed gems.In the olden days the green tourmaline were mistaken for emeralds.

Pink Tourmaline became known as an ‘American Gem’ in the late 1800’s due to Tiffany & Co’s gemologist George F. Kunz

It can be seen in a pink or a green color and very rarely can be seen in a rainbow effect. The different colors that tourmalines can appear in are

Chrome Tourmalinea stark deep green
Rubellite Tourmaline- Red in color
Kunzite or Pink Tourmaline Pink in color
Paraíba Tourmaline is Bluish Green in color
Savannah Tourmaline- yellow to orange color range
Watermelon Tourmaline are a beautiful pink in the center and green around the outside.
Parti-Colored Tourmaline are stones that display more than one color

It has the ability to become magnetic under heat or pressure. When heat is applied to Tourmaline and becomes magnetic, it’s known scientifically as Pyroelectric.

This stone has high spiritual powers and has healing properties and energies that help resonate with the different Chakras in your body. It is also said to boost creativity.


Additionally, Opal is a special gemstone with its play of color.

It is a beautiful, shimmering gemstone that comes in many colors. It formed millions of years ago in arid desert areas. During the rainy season, heavy rains would soak the sun-baked ground, the rainwater carrying a dissolved mineral, called silica, into cracks inside rocks. When the water dried, the silica deposits were left, and these layers formed opal.

The early Greeks believed that opals could protect their owners from illness. In ancient Rome, there was a curious belief that opals could help blonde women retain their coveted hair color.

It is believed to bring luck, health and love to its wearer. To astrologists, the stone represents the star sign of Libra, symbolizing sincerity and purity.