Today, we hear about Lab Grown Diamonds (LGD) and see in stores lab grown diamond jewelry. So what are Lab Grown Diamonds, any way?

Lab Grown Diamonds have all of the same Optical, Physical and  Chemical properties of a diamond found in nature. Those found deep in the earth’s crust.  They are fashioned in the same way, using the same cutting tools and techniques as diamonds coming from the earth. 

So, in every way they are the same as Earth Mined Diamonds.  With one important exception, there is no environmental impact.  No earth was moved, no habitat is lost, the earth nor the animals living in mineral rich areas are not harmed.  These are some very good reasons to choose a Lab Grown Diamond. 

When we receive Lab Grown Diamonds to grade, here in the lab, we use the same tools, measuring devices and equipment to analyse them. We use a loupe to inspect them to determine the clarity of the lab grown diamond, and weigh them on the same electronic weighing scale to find the exact carat weight, measuring them with the same gauges to find the millimeter size. In the lab we treat them the same as any other diamond we receive. 

How to identify the natural from the Laboratory grown diamond is a challenge. After all they look the same using a loupe or microscope.  We have, like any well equipped gemological laboratory have had to add advanced equipment to make those determinations. 

Retail shops have had to add a screening process into their requirements for the manufacturer’s they use. This ensures to the purchaser of Lab Grown or Earth Mined diamonds that no stones of the other type get mixed into the same piece of jewelry.  

When your choosing a piece of jewelry always ask for the certificate to know what diamond is being shown to you, Earth Mined or Lab Grown.  The prices do vary, with Lab Grown Diamonds having lower prices per carat. They lack the rarity factor that earth mined possess. Though, Lab Grown Diamonds are more earth friendly.