“Diamonds are a Girl’s best friend” 

Originating deep in the earth, formed under tremendous heat and pressure, diamonds have truly survived the test of time. Thought to be one of the hardest substances on earth. Diamonds are a rare gift to us from mother nature.

Diamonds are a symbol of lasting love. Believed to bring the wearer balance, clarity and abundance in their life. 

Adopted from the Greek word Adamas meaning, “invincible”.  In India the sanskrit word “vajra” meaning, lightning. 

Diamonds come in many shapes and colors. The grading system used in laboratories and in retail shops was developed by G.I.A. Gemological Institute of America. Which based the color from the perspective of absence of color. And the purity or clarity from Internationally Flawless to Imperfect. 

Today, we enjoy them for their unique properties of totally internal reflection.  Making them sparkle like the sun.